When comes to security, Hyperlife does not rest. We can not take for granted that any user can handle this alone thus we have a manage service to cover the end point, and the perimeter.

Our Offering is shaped in the following way:

1. Local site survey and assessment
2. Identify the weaknesses on the perimeter and end points
3. Install cloud-based firewall with white label management from Hyperlife
4. Monitor network and user activity to allow all needed and close all not necessary
5. Install end point protection based on profiles tailor made per customer

a. We secure end point with antivirus, HIPS, firewall
b. We secure the end point and we guarantee that no unknown software can run
c. We ensure that we render all malware and we do not allow any bad to hit the pc

6. We push antivirus signatures, and their security policies on a daily and weekly basis
7. We do monitor all the time the status, alerting and what is going on the pcs and organizationfrom the security point of view so we will make sure that are always safe
8. We push windows updates and other security patches

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