IT Systems management, remote monitoring and support is one of the most popular services we have, and we are proud about. With this service that we consider it essential for all customers pc and server we can do all sort of things. Things like those below are the most common:

1. System Daily checkups
2. System delete temp files and cache
3. System delete recycle bin when disk is full or less than 5 – 10%
4. Alerting when disk is full
5. Alerting when Windows update did not run on schedule
6. Alert when a malware or virus is cached and run virtually, so we will check proper. I any case the pc is not infected.
7. Monitoring all about pc and its security
8. Monitoring core services and restart if fail like print spooller
9. Alerting and auto ticket creation when an event in monitor is triggered
10. Auto remediation based on specific alerts and actions
11. Auto backups
12. Auto software installation and uninstallation
13. Procedure run on demand or automatic based on profile

In general, is a powerful service where we can do more than 850 action and do all sort of monitoring to ensure pc and server run at optimum and more secure way.

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