It is well known that the data is the most valuable asset for all users and businesses. There are many businesses that never open again when they have been attacked and locked out seen their data encrypted and threaten by hacker to pay a ransom. While many people they feel safe by getting free or very low cot cloud storage and have their pc, phone or business sync the data there. This is nothing more than just an illusion. The sync or save to an external device like a disk or usb and think that you have your data safe or backed up is not a solid way of doing backups these days. With all those treats going on today you can get infected and locked out of your devices and encrypt your data and make those useless.

This is when Hyperlife managed services come in to offer you a piece of mind solution for all your critical data. What we do?

  1. Daily Data backup on a secure encrypted container on the cloud in several continents
  2. Daily DB backups for all your important software
  3. Daily server or PC + PC or Server images with recovery options to get you back in shape in minutes
  4. Continues monitoring for success and failed backups to make sure we are always on track
  5. Unlimited space scaling to ensure customer will never cut off due to space usage

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